Dr. Feras Yamin

Dr. Yamin stands out as an esteemed celebrity plastic surgeon in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. His remarkable journey spans the globe, bringing him invaluable experiences and insights before he finally established himself among the elite of Beverly Hills.

Adept in both Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as General Surgery, Dr. Yamin continually seeks to incorporate the latest innovations and advancements in his practice. His unwavering dedication to detail, commitment to top-notch patient care, and focus on achieving superior surgical outcomes set him apart in the world of plastic surgery.

Fueled by a deep passion for art and human anatomy, Dr. Yamin delights in creating anatomical illustrations through drawing and sketching. This enthusiasm has enabled him to hone his skills and excel in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Yamin offers an extensive array of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures for the face, breast, and body, with a special affinity for fat grafting and body sculpting. Moreover, his artistic sense and expertise shine through in his mastery of facial aesthetics and the intricate art of rhinoplasty procedures.

As for his educational background, Dr. Yamin graduated from Baghdad College with a Bachelor’s degree in Science at a young age, thanks to an accelerated program tailored for gifted students. This achievement allowed him to begin medical school well ahead of his peers. His journey led him through various countries in the Middle East and Europe, and his love for human anatomy inspired him to teach the subject at a medical school in the Caribbean for several years.

Continuing his educational pursuits, Dr. Yamin spent time at Stanford University, researching wound healing and developing technologies for wound and scar management. He then attended Loma Linda University and Texas Tech University, completing his medical education and full training.

Dr. Yamin’s residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery was completed at the distinguished New York Plastic Surgical Group and Stony Brook University. He also held the position of Chief Resident at Stony Brook University Hospital and Nassau University Medical Center. Throughout his training in Long Island and New York City, he had the privilege of working alongside leading experts in aesthetic plastic surgery, specializing in complex facial reconstruction, breast surgery, burn treatment, and aesthetic surgery.

Outside of his passion for plastic surgery, Dr. Yamin is a dedicated soccer enthusiast, enjoying both watching and playing the sport. In his free time, he indulges in swimming, surfing, and scuba diving, exploring the captivating world beneath the ocean’s surface.

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